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(by Gavin Slabbert)

All yinz brave anons who feel it necessary to get your panties in a bunch over simple issues. Im aware of the cherokee tribes did not create the dreamcather (wherever that arose from).I surprisingly do have native blood in me, maybe not as much as I would wish, but I do. Fathers side is Slovak, and Mothers side is English & Cherokee. Im particularly not a fan of the wearing of native cloth, and the reason behind me posting those photos of the women is more for the women ( whether it be the body shape for drawing reference, maybe the tattoos she/he has, or simply the photo is shot superbly.) So go take a chill pill, everyone. No need for all this negativity, my makeup and hair is on point today and I hope to keep it looking FABBBBBBBBBULOUS.

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Anonymous: where did what come from?

yes. dream catchers were created by the native americans. I myself have a small amount of cherokee in my veins, but where did ” I thought they were the only ones who could have/make/whatever them”? Wasnt even a topic but a mere minor detail in a sentence..

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