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\ 22. Pittsburgh,Pa.
“Don't leave it all unsaid, somewhere in the wasteland of your head.”

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Burns in the pattern of a kimono. Hiroshima.


Jared in the desert #
Anonymous: oh wow. do you mind me asking where you work? sounds pretty terrible :(

I work at a ski resort. Its not bad but its almost so laid back that sometimes employees just dont show.. Kind of a pain.

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Anonymous: that sucks :/ why didnt you just request off instead?

Tried to, but I was actually covering my own shift, plus two others since they didnt show. So I wouldve tried to, if I could

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Anonymous: how was your show in Pitt?

I didnt go since I worked late and i had to be up at the crack of dawn the following morning :(

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I’m not even embarrassed. HAH #oldschool #theirspikyasshair #staticx #toomuchmetalforonehand